Terrace Gardening

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Rooftop/Terrace farming and Home Gardening can be the viable option for urban agriculture on account of decreasing agricultural land, especially in Indian cities. It can play a significant role in urban environmental management and enhance the continuously deteriorating quality of air while offering organic and fertilizer-free produce. We had witnessed it highly in the recent days of PANDEMIC.

“Let’s Prepare for the future.”

The necessity to recuperate green spaces is becoming increasingly critical to maintain environmental quality, as the impervious spaces are replacing them rapidly. Installing rooftop farms or green roofs in residential and commercial buildings is one of the options that can reduce the negative impact of development as it has numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Care for home Grown

All commercial and residential buildings with roof gardens are required to undergo roof checks at least twice a year. All roofs, even in our pre-grown system should be weeded occasionally. Green plants should be taken care of for infections and insect problems on a regular basis. To grow vegetables, the installed system should ensure that there's enough space between plants and an adequate layer of soil for the vegetation of the plants.

The drip irrigation setup and the drainage system on the roof if inspected regularly ensure that there's no puddling or pooling situation as it can damage the plants and the soil layers. One needs to understand the need of preventing the rising temperatures for a better future, hence coming together as an active participant is key to start the trend of rooftop farming.We Take care of the Complete setup and the maintenance activities on a regular basis with your support in growing the plantations.

Terrace Farming (turn out your place green, Cultivating Ideas for Growth ,Re-imagine farming, A decision for nature)

Home Gardening Tips

Try starting seeds from scratch rather than buying grown plants from a shop. You’ll save money this way, although this involves more time and work.

Don’t waste money buying costly pots or other seed starting kits. Check with your local nursery; they likely have black plastic pots and plant trays they’d be happy to give you at low cost. You can also use egg cartons and plastic cups to start the seeding process.

Visit your local farmers’ produce market to look for fruit and vegetables.

If you have a problem with birds and rats eating your veggies, cut up an old garden hose into three or four feet segments. Place it on the terrace. Rodents will be kept away. You could even get your kids involved, paint the plastic pipes to look even more like snakes. Funny Isn't it.. but works. Also try out the traditional Scarecrow.